Talent FAQ

Will my employer be able to see my profile?

Nope! We’ve designed TalentX as a platform for discreet job searching for the busy working professional.

What is the recruiting process like?

Once you’ve created a Talent Profile, you’ll have to apply for a hiring round. Hiring rounds happen weekly and normally take 24 hours to get approved. Once you’ve been accepted, employers have a week to make offers to candidates. Once offers are accepted, you're connected with the employer for next steps.

Do I have to take the job if I accept an offer?

Absolutely not. The offer is simply a salary range to give you a better idea on compensation upfront. It’s a non-binding and once you’ve accepted, you’ll move through the company's normal recruiting cycle.

Are there interviews?

After accepting an offer, you’ll likely still be interviewed and go through company recruiting processes depending on the company. Offers on TalentX help you get to the top of the list and expedites the time to recruit as well as introduces you to great companies.

Can I participate in another hiring round?

Absolutely, feel free to apply to as many hiring rounds as you’d like. We can’t guarantee you’ll get into every hiring round but if you’ve been approved in the past, there’s a good chance you’ll get in again.

What is your approval process like?

Candidates are vetted for every hiring round. Qualifications vary by event and largely depend on factors such as location, skills, and experience.

What kind of companies should I expect?

We vet each and every company that comes onto the platform. We typically focus on high-growth technology startups.

Employer FAQ

Why should I use TalentX?

Attracting talent is probably one of the most vital responsibilities of any company. It can also be one the most challenging tasks. TalentX aims to change the way recruiting is done by sourcing quality talent with fresh job seeking intent on a weekly basis to save you time.

How much do you charge?

Our dynamic pricing structure starts as a 10% success fee of a candidate's first year salary if they're successfully hired. All fees are backed by our 100% refund guarantee for candidates who decide to leave within the first 60 days. Dynamic pricing is indicated at the start of each event.

Where do you get all your talent from?

Prior to TalentX, we ran physical recruiting events in 35+ cities globally (talentxevents.com). We’ve built a good base of users from those events and most of our talent comes from inbound talent and referrals.

Other questions?

Get in touch with us or set up a time for a demo! hello@talentx.co