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TalentX is a vetted talent pool of fresh candidates every week that have expressed job-seeking intent. It's a practical, affordable, and more efficient way to attract and recruit for your growing your team, while saving you time.

Freelancer Essentials
  • TalentX has been very beneficial for TrueCar as it gives us an opportunity to meet and talk with prospective candidates. The casual environment puts the candidate at ease so they can represent themselves to the fullest. We have successfully hired several candidates!

    Chris Martin, Manager of Talent Acquisition = TrueCar
  • TalentX is a great product that connects job seekers and employers seeking engineering talent. BitTorrent participated in 3 events and ended up hiring 3 engineers for key positions.

    Farid Fadaie, Senior Director of Product - BitTorrent
  • Razorfish and TalentX put together an partnered here in New York to recruit local technology talent. The uniqueness of their structure and the way they find talent to invite, provides a very rewarding experience. We will likely partner again in other regions and internationally

    Anthony Onesto, VP Human Resources - Razorfish
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How Much Does It Cost?

Our hiring rounds are free to participate in, however for each hire, we charge an affordable success fee starting at just 10%.

Why TalentX?

TalentX provides you with fresh candiates every week with job seeking intent so your time is never wasted.